Thank You Note Etiquette

1. The Timeline

Make sure your thank you notes are sent promptly. Usually, all thank yous should be sent 2-3 weeks after the gift was received. Also, early wedding gifts should have early thank you notes.

2. Write It All Down

Keep a record of the who, what, and when for each gift. Use a notebook or spreadsheet to record the details for each gift so you can keep yourself organized.

3. Personalized Stationary

You don't need to purchase classic white stationary for your wedding thank yous. Pick something that is unique to you as a couple and your personal style.

4. The Groom Can Help

Traditionally, the bride pens the thank you notes, but the groom can, and should, definitely chip in. This will cut down on the bride's workload, and it's something fun you get to do together.

5. Short & Sweet

You don't need to write something lengthy for your thank yous. Even if it's a larger gift, all you need to focus on is referring to the specific gift and how you'll use it.