Top 5 Fabric Types

Hello, beauties!  If you’ve been following along with our ~lingo~ lessons, you’ve learned about silhouettes and necklines already.  So, in another installment, we are going to give a little rundown about fabrics.  Here are the five bridal fabrics you’ll want to be familiar with:

Satin: This is a shinier and smoother fabric.  It is going to be a little heavier and a little more stiff than chiffon, for example.  Many women find satin to be flattering because it does provide a little more structure.

Sorella Vita 8721

Charmeuse: Also shiny, but is more lightweight and less structural than satin.  If you are looking for the look of satin, but for a warmer wedding, for instance, you may want to check this out.

Azazie Kamila

Chiffon: Chiffon is sheer and lightweight so dresses often come with multiple layers and a liner fabric.  Out of the common formal-wear fabrics, chiffon is widely recognized as the most versatile, light, and comfortable.

Belsoie L184052

Tulle: Tulle is super sheer, even more so than chiffon, and looks similar to netting. Not all tulles are made the same -some are on the softer side and others have a coarser texture.

Jenny Yoo Collection (Maids) Lucy Skirt

Lace: Hopefully you all already know what lace is, but there are a number of different types that vary in design and heaviness.  Depending on what look you want to achieve with the bridal party, you can stick to one type of lace, or even mix and match!

Alfred Angelo Signature Bridesmaids Collection 7410

When choosing fabrics for your wedding party, you’ll want to keep in mind the weather, as chiffon and tulle are the lightest, and charmeuse and satin are the heaviest.  Also, you can either go with all the same fabric for a more uniform look (especially when matching colors), or mix and match for a unique twist to standard bridal parties.

We’ll be giving you the breakdown on dye lots in an upcoming post.  Stay tuned!

Until next time!