Seasonal Color Palettes

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When planning a color palette for a wedding, one of the easiest places to start is the season.  Of course, you can choose the season based on your favorite colors, or make your favorite colors work in any season.  Just keep the following in mind if you need a little help choosing those secondary or tertiary colors.


Spring is the softest time of year for a wedding.  The blossoming flowers are so romantic and it is the perfect time of year for a garden ceremony.  With this in mind, you’ll want to keep the colors natural and light.  Some popular combos:

Pink, Green, and White

Gold, Peach, and Cream

Grey, Light Blue, and Mint

Orange, Pink, and Soft Green


Summer is the most exciting time of the year for a party.  It just is.  The sun is out, the birds are chirping, and people are saying their vows.  Don’t be afraid to go bold during these months.  Really make your colors pop with complements:

Dark Blue, Light Blue, and Cream

Wine, Purple, and Dark Green

Fuchsia, Purple, and Tan

Turquoise, White, and Red


Here at, we love autumn weddings.  The changing of the leaves and the changing of lives, the gold in the leaves and the gold get the picture.  It’s the perfect time of year for rich, warm colors:

Burgundy, Orange, and Gold

Brown, Gold, and Black

Orange, Light Blue, and Tan

Burgundy, Red, and Orange


The only thing to keep you warm this time of year is true love.  And this is the best way to highlight that contrast -through color!  Whether you want to keep things icy, classy, and aloof, or create a heated haven for your guests, the following are good places to start:

Silver, Navy Blue, and Light Blue

Tan, Black, and White

Burgundy, Gold, and Silver

Dark Purple, Fuchsia, and Black

Although these may not be exactly what you are looking for, hopefully they can provide some inspiration to get started on your own color palette. Pro-tip: is to remember that colors on computer screens often differ from how the colors will look in real life when online shopping.  Try to find vendors that can send you fabric swatches or samples of the colors, such as this bridesmaid dress company.

If you are looking for more color inspiration, check out our post on color theory or check out the two sites below:

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