Splurge vs. Save: Flowers vs. Videographers

Hello, beauties!  On today’s episode of Splurge or Save, we have floral arrangements and videographers!

Save On:

Possibly an unpopular opinion, but one reiterated by many brides is that elaborate floral arrangements are not worth the money.  Flowers are incredibly expensive, especially depending on the type of flower, where you are located, and the time of year.  And beside the bouquets, flowers are not super necessary.  There has even been a movement toward unconventional, non-flower bouquets as well.

We recommend saving on the flowers by opting for DIY or non-traditional centerpieces and decorations for the aisle and altar.  Candles, photos, seashells, and paper origami can replace many instances of flowers in your wedding, and they won’t wilt.  You can even go for potted plants instead of cut flowers for a more sustainable option.

Splurge On:

We’ve heard time and time again from brides that they love their wedding photos, but they wish they had hired more day-of professionals.  Whether that is an event coordinator or planner who is the point-person for all day-of emergencies, or a videographer.

You’ll end up wanting high-quality footage of your vows, your first dance, and all of the nice messages your guests leave.  Your kids will no doubt thank you for the precious home video.  Just some food for thought.

Of course, there are other ways to save or redistribute your wedding budget, so stay tuned as we continue to compare expenses in the next of Splurge vs. Save!