The Little Things: Socks

It really is the little things that will set your wedding apart from the others of the season.  Everyone will have the white dress, the cake, the tuxedos, the flowers, but you’ll have some little details that will make your event stand out.  And today, we are talking about socks!

Top 5 reasons why we LOVE socks as a detail piece:

1) gives your partner a chance to express himself,

2) can showcase the diversity and personalities of the groomsmen,

3) makes for excellent photos,

4) are inexpensive and reusable,

5) are comfy and warm.

When choosing socks, you can do either of two adorable trends.  You can have them match each other or the color palette of the wedding.  You can also have them be a complete wildcard because who is going to see them?  We’ve seen anything from bright stripes, to geometric patterns, to superheroes, to mix-matched.

The best part is that your bridal party will go home with something that they can wear on an everyday basis that will remind them of the fun time they had that night.  You may even want to invest in getting the bridesmaid some fun socks too in case they kick off their heels on the dance floor!