Best Tips For Organizing Your Dream Wedding

What is your idea of a dream wedding? Do you want to get married on the beach in Maui? Do you want a vineyard wedding in Northern California? Or are you a bride who wants to carry roses and walk the aisle of a beautiful cathedral? Your dream wedding is possible, but you have to be willing to put the work into it.

Planning, budgeting, preparing, and prioritizing are critical if you want to make your dream a reality. There are tons of online sites and published articles that are designed to draw you in. Stick with your heart. Be true to yourself and make choices you are willing to live with for the rest of your life.


Below are some expert tips from professionals in the industry to help you reach your goal.

Your Wedding - Your Brand

1. "The first step of the wedding-organizing: choose a style, or a theme. Your personality, the wedding scene, the number of the guests can help to make this decision. This will help you with all the other organizing choices. People will suggest you photographers and videographers too, but you should fit this decision to the main theme of the wedding. Yes, there are different styles even in wedding photography: photojournalism, fine art, classic - just a few popular ones. Look at reference photographs in these different styles and choose: which would look the best on your wall from now to eternity?”  Szabolcs Locsmándi, Locsmandisz.

2. "Your wedding can be exactly what you want it to be. It's that one very precious occasion when your partner and you can create a dreamy, magical day for you and all of your loved one to celebrate LOVE! Whatever your desire, style, budget or theme, planning and preparing pays off when it comes to organizing the day. Good things take time, so get ready to create your best day ever!" Shona Daly from The Prim Girl.

3. "Your once-in-a-lifetime wedding is inseparable from your whole lives. The place, the people, the décor should reflect both the separate lives you come from and the life you are planning together. If you're traditional people, you probably want tradition in your wedding. If you're freethinkers, your wedding might reflect your own ideas. If art or the environment or religion are essential, they should be an integral part of this one special day. Knowing your values, individually and as a couple, makes decision-making easier, and that's how to start planning your dream wedding." Lisa Gordon form

4. Dominic Barrios from The Top Knotters told us: “soon-to-weds love to hear our practical wedding tips and real stories from brides.” So go ahead and browse this great site for inspiration and ideas. Anywhere you can get free information and free tools to make your wedding your own is recommended.

5. "Wedding bands can take time to make. Very often wedding bands need to be custom made to match your engagement ring perfectly. Also sometimes the groom's band might need to be special made to fit a certain size. Plan on starting to look at wedding bands at least 2 months prior to the wedding so you have plenty of time. Don't forget to make time to get your engagement ring polished and cleaned right before the wedding. A dull and dirty ring never looks good in pictures or in person..." Carl Edwards, from JMEDWARDS.

6.  "Your individuality is what will be the most "attacked" during your journey to the wedding day, everybody will have an opinion, and everybody will have an unrequested advice.  Learn to hear your own voice through the noise that others might make, embrace the things that are important to you and your partner beyond everyone else's opinion, and beyond any tradition. Set your foot down on the things you want, and don't be afraid that they might criticize, or that others might think it is bad, because when things you do come from your heart everyone else can feel it. Those are the weddings where we cry, we laugh, and we get the best memories from." Sandra Villarroel from Sandrachile.


Hiring the pros

7. Trust the pros: in any other business, you'd look to the experts for advice, right? The wedding industry is no different! Invest in qualified professionals with expertise in the event-planning field. If you're stuck, ask favorite vendors for a referral list. The photographer you love can likely recommend other vendors with a similar style and price point. If you can help it, avoid the cheapest option; unfortunately, the old adage is true: "You get what you pay for." Hire top-notch professionals from the start—you'll guarantee peace of mind on the big day, knowing your wedding is capable hands. Chloe Allday, A Stylish Soiree.

8. “Don’t let your wedding day be about photography. Quite the contrary, the photography should be about your wedding day. I see many couples planning their big day around the time or locations for wedding poses. But you want to remember how you enjoyed your day with your spouse, family, and friends, not with your photographer. Find a photographer that focuses on the real love and joy you will have with your loved ones through the day, and requires less time for poses. You can always have that epic 4-hour scenic wedding photoshoot on another day.” Erkin Ağsaran, Erkin Agsaran Photography.

9. Even if you have a wedding planner, sitting down with your photographer and discussing your must-have images, as well as discussing the itinerary, well in advance of the big day, will help keep you relaxed and your photographer on pace. Its best when this is done in conjunction with your wedding planner, so everyone starts out – and stays – on the same page. A well experienced photographer can help significantly with timing…the last thing you would want is to not have that one photograph you absolutely had to have, because you ran short on time. Ramon Morales, Ramophoto.

10. Knowing how you would like your wedding day represented in your photographs is important! Once you know what you're looking for, then you can start searching for the right photographer. You want to look for someone who already offers the style you're after, rather than asking a photographer to change their style for you. That way, you know the images will be along the lines of what you see on their website. Investing in the right photographer to capture your day is so important!" Laura Ludwig, Laura Lynn Photography.

11. Design style, budget and compatibility are all deciding factors when entering into a 12 – 18 month working relationship with a wedding floral designer however experience is the cherry on top of the sundae. In fact, experience is the most important consideration when hiring all of your wedding professionals. Aspiring designers must practice with an experienced and established shop or studio for at the very least one full busy event season…not on you and most definitely not with your wedding designs. Kelly Robinson-Gojmerac, Owner/Creative Director, Ooh La La Designs.

12. An important decision many couples face when deciding on the entertainment is whether to have a band or a DJ and even once that path has been decided there are many things to consider but here we're going to concentrate on those that choose a DJ.It's important they know the songs and genres that you like and also the one's you dislike. Many DJs will work from four lists. "Must Play", "Play If Possible", "Play Only If Requested" and "Do Not Play". Most of those will be self-explanatory but here are some basic guidelines. Everything in the Must Play list will definitely be played so it is important that you only add songs to this list that you feel your guests
will dance to. Tony Winyard, The Wedding Maker.

13. “Look on the internet what style of photo’s you like and look for a photographer who can deliver that. Once you find a photographer whose work you love, make sure you see a at least one full wedding before booking. When you think YEAH, this is the perfect photographer for us, make sure you sign a contract which contains all the details of the deal you made. So afterwards all parties know what to expect and you won’t have any unwelcome surprises because only the photographer (and videographer) can make your memories and they have only one chance to do it right.” Louise van den Broek,

14. "There are two things I'm guilty of, first, I've never ever been the girl that thought she'd get married.  It simply wasn't in the cards for me and I was ok with that.  Still in a series of unexpected events, I found myself engaged and thinking about the other thing I'm guilty of, obsessively planning everything.  And while I have my amazing wedding planner from Erin Condren, mapping out every single bauble and button I need for my big day, the best advice I've learned while planning my dream wedding is exactly that, it's mine. At the end of the day the best thing you could do as an expectant bride or groom is to do the thing your way, even if it may not be Grandma's cup of tea." For more advice on how to make your wedding that thing you've always dreamed about, check out more from the Traveling Barnacle.

15. "Photography is a very important aspect of your wedding, it is the only tangible memory of your big day.  So my one sound advice to you is trust your gut.  Meet your photographer, meet a bunch of photographers if you have to but make sure the person you pick to capture one of the best days in your life is the perfect person for you.  When you meet them in person you can see if that person feels right.   Always, always look at their portfolio.  Make sure the work you see makes you feel something because if your wedding photographs don’t make you feel the love you felt on that day, then they did it all wrong." Vashti C. from


Take Care Of Your Body

16. Nothing gets under our skin quite like #sweatingforthewedding expectations. Almost no one enrolls in boot camp and emerges looking like a beatific bridal gazelle. However, if your upcoming nuptials inspire you to recommit to a healthy lifestyle, we’re fully on board. Stay on budget by skipping expensive trainers and boutique classes. An online search reveals a bevy of free workouts with minimal equipment required. Many well-known fitness streaming services even offer free 30-day trial periods! Get started today with our own WantableFit Workout Series. Lindsey Townsley,

You can have your dream wedding. You do not have to know every detail of how to make that happen, you just have to choose those who do carefully. Never let anyone change your idea of perfection, no matter what that may be. If you prioritize by what means the most to you and cut areas that are not so important, everything will come together under budget. While everyone has great ideas, you are under no obligation to act on them. This is your special day. Create it, design it, and live it your way.


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