DIY Centerpiece Inspo

Welcome back, brides to be!  Even if you aren’t DIY-ing your whole wedding, there are often details that a bride will opt to do herself.  One of those details is the centerpieces.  Centerpieces are one of the best ways to express your personality as a couple and aren’t that hard to make if you have the right tools and inspiration.  We’ve scoured the internet for the best ideas in centerpieces and here are our top ten!

Braedon Photography

This page-wrapped flower vase is so cute and so romantic.  If there’s a book that you and your partner love, take a page from that.  Or maybe an old classic romance -Romeo and Juliet, Gone with the Wind, Fifty Shades of Grey.  It works best with a littler book, so you don’t waste a ton of pages and so that you don’t have to cut the pages down to size as much.  You can also try using maps for a wanderlust feel.  All you need is flowers, a mason jar, a book, and some rubber cement or mod podge.  For an added touch, tie a little twine around the neck of the jar.  For an easier project, just stack some books on the table and call it a day!

Anita Calero

If you’re looking at a summertime or fall wedding, there’s nothing better than apples.  Apples have been used to symbolize love, life, and even marriage in Celtic cultures.  Plus, you can add a cute pun like “I picked a winner!” and “The apple of my eye!” to the centerpiece.  Depending on your color scheme, you can go with green, yellow, orange, red, burgundy, etc.  All you need is a glass container, water, and some apples.

Anita Calero

We love this delicate and wintry centerpiece for weddings.  The leaves are almost reminiscent of snowflakes and this look is so simple and easy to execute.  The most difficult part is getting leaves still on the branch for your winter ceremony.  After that, just spray paint them silver and put one branch in each vase.  If you want a brighter look, you can paint the leaves and branches another color, we just recommend sticking to one color for each vase.

Two Girls Being Crafty

This centerpiece is a little more involved, though we are sure that you can do this!  The idea is to cut leaves out of scrapbooking paper, glue a little piece of floral wire in the middle of each leaf (which is two piece of paper glued back to back), and then wrap the wire around branches.  You can find the full instructions here.  Our recommendation, to make this a little more wedding friendly, is to stick to shorter branches and smaller vases as to not block the middle of the table.

Martha Stewart Wedding

Straight from the goddess of lifestyle, Martha Stewart, we have these beautiful color-blocked candles.  Just get a variety of candles in different heights and colors, a variety of wooden candlestick holders in different heights, and then paint to match the colors of the candles.  Easy and can be made to match any wedding palette!

Bryan Gardner

Also from Martha Stewart, we have these beautiful, simple, elegant glasses.  All you need is painters tape, scissors, paint, glue, and glitter to make these glasses sparkle and pop.  Again, these can be made to any color scheme and and even accommodate the table number.  Try filling the glasses with different things to achieve your final look.

Martha Stewart Wedding

Ok, we admit, we cannot get enough of Martha Stewart.  Fake fruit, covered in paper mache, painted to match the wedding palette?  Genius!

Lovely Etc.

Another DIY that we’ve been really curious about is the photo canvas.  Lovely Etc. seems to have conquered this notoriously difficult DIY, adding a wrap-around look.  Take some photos (of any size as long as you can find a canvas to match) of you and your partner and get to work.  Engagement photos do really well, as do vacation spots, and childhood memories.  For an alternative, there is also a wooden option for a farm-ier more rustic look.

Crafty Morning

We love pinecones -they are so versatile for crafting and look so good as part of a woodsy wedding.  This DIY tutorial is actually for a framed pinecone display, but we love the idea of using pinecones as flowers.  Paint the “petals” one color and add a little dot of another color and some sparkle in the center of the bottom.  It’s an easy conversion from this framed look to a bouquet in a little bowl or vase.  It looks best when the cones are packed together.

Brian Patrick Flynn

A trendy centerpiece that will work for all seasons is using produce as a vase.  We seen gourds, watermelon, pineapple, cabbage -really anything that you can either hollow out or stick stems into.  The key is to cut a little off of the bottom of the vase to make it stand up, but not so much as to accidentally leak fruit juice all over the table.  Also, you’ll want to select fruits that are in season during your wedding -it’ll help with cost and tie together your wedding theme.

We love these ten centerpieces and wish we could use them all in our weddings!  Maybe we could mix and match…  Either way, we hope you were able to find something to love or have been able to come up with the perfect idea for yourself.  Good luck on your crafting!