Top 10 Groom's Wedding Accessories Must-Haves

As much as we love talking about brides, we also have to take a break to talk about the guys in the room.  You want your guy to feel just as special as you on the big day, so why not deck him out with some cool accessories of his own?  Here are the top ten accessories in menswear:

1. Pocket watch or vintage wristwatch -Like we’ve mentioned before, you want to make sure that your hubby-to-be makes it to the ceremony and on time.  Gift him a nice timepiece (possibly engraved) as a wedding day present.

2. Brown shoes -Depending on the look, these are a nice, modern touch to the wedding day look.  Paired best with a blue suit, try brown shoes for a more casual and lighter fashion statement.

3. Socks -As we have mentioned in numerous other posts, we are a fan of fun socks.  Maybe you want the whole bridal party in matching or will let the groomsmen pick out their own.

4. Cuff links -If you want to be classy, this is the perfect detail.  Cufflinks can be found in almost any style, and can even be customized. Check websites like Etsy.

5. Bowtie -For the fun-loving wedding, a bowtie is the best choice of neckwear, in our opinion.  Solid colors or patterned, bowties will look snazzy on your wedding day.  Just make sure someone knows how to tie them.

6. Pocket square -If you are going for the full tuxedo, this can be a great way to break up the all-black ensemble.  Also, if you are doing a lighter colored suit, a fun pocket square can also be a way to express yourself.  Super slick!

7. Tie clip -If you opt for more traditional neckwear, add a tie clip to get a spiffier, more glamorous look.  You can also get these customized on Etsy with engravings.

8. Suspenders -Either worn under the suit jacket, or without a jacket, we can’t help but love this slick detail.  Try red if you are going to have them hidden anyways and want a fun secret detail.

9. Belt -You have to keep his pants from falling down as he gets down on the dance floor, so why not invest in a cool new belt.  See #2 about brown details with blue suits.

10. Flask -Again, if you are into fun secret details, sneak one of these into the suit pocket.

Some honorable mentions that you may also want to remember are well-fitting undergarments that won’t bunch under the suit, a boutonniere, an umbrella, and sunglasses in case the weather changes.

Even though you wouldn’t do all ten of these in one look, you can definitely mix and match to find your perfect look on the classy-casual spectrum.