10 Gift Bag Must-Haves to Give Your Bridesmaids

We bet you have a lot of very special women in your life, and if they are included in your wedding party, you’re obviously going to want to ensure they feel special.  Of course, they will be flattered to be in your wedding party, but maybe thank them for their help on your special day (and always) with a little gift.  We’ve compiled a list of 10 ideas to give your special ladies:

1. High end chocolate bars -Not just any chocolate bars, but the best chocolate bars for your bridesmaids.  Some incredible brands to check out are Amedei Tuscany and Scharffen Berger.

2. S’well water bottle -You’ve probably seen these water bottles around and have been asking, what’s all the hype?  These stainless steel bottles are little miracles -they keep cold cold, hot hot, no condensation, good for the environment, stylish, and the company gives back.  Every gal needs a water bottle like this one.

3. Personalized perfume scent -If you are a fan of scents and want to give your girls something to remember your wedding by, this is a way to give them a little reminder every day in the form of a spritz.  Some sites that you may want to check out are Me Fragrance, Unique Fragrance, Waft, and My Aromachology.

4. Instax camera -These cute little cameras are the new face of polaroids.  Fujifilm makes these cameras in 7 colors.  The film comes in packs of ten, and for about a dollar per photo, it’s not too too steep.

5. Moleskine -If your gals are the type to journal a lot, give them the best there is in notebooks.  Moleskine notebooks are so nice: the covers, the papers, and they come in all sorts of designs and purposes.

6. Embroidered tote bag -We love a good tote bag.  They can be fashionable, and very functional.  Throw your beach stuff, your picnic stuff, your festival stuff, your sports gear, whatever you want in there!  The most reliable brands are L.L. Bean, Land’s End, and Things Remembered.

7. Wine of the Month Club -The name says it all.  Who doesn’t want a subscription to this?

8. New York Times bestseller -For the bookworms in your group, select a book from the Times bestsellers list.  It shows that you know what they would like, and will provide a couple of hours of entertainment and way to unwind after the wedding.

9. Knitted throw blanket -If you want to give something handmade and have the skills to knit or crochet a throw blanket, this is one of the most heartfelt gifts you can give a bridesmaid.  The effort will be appreciated and you can choose their favorite color to show how much you thought about them.

10. Flower subscription -If you aren’t quite done with florals after the wedding, why not extend the fun to your friends’ homes?  Sign them up for a flower subscription to get fresh cut flowers delivered every month.  Some of the most popular and reputable companies are The Bouqs Co. and Bloomsy Box.

Hopefully these ideas will get the creative juices flowing for you as you prepare for your big day.  Gifts for your bridesmaids is only one of the little details that will make your day even better!