2017 Men's Fashion Trends

Even though most of our readership is women, that isn’t to say that there isn’t a place for knowing the trends in men’s fashion.  Especially if you’re in charge of getting your fiancé dressed on an everyday basis.  And, even if you already have his tux ready for the ceremony, you do need a couple of outfits for the engagement photos, rehearsal dinner, etc.  So, if you are fashion-forward and want some ideas about the trends of the season, we’ve put together a short list for you to check out:

1. Vintage sportswear -Don’t worry, jumpsuits aren’t back in (yet).  But either the jacket or the pants can be worn separately as a way to color block, look sporty, and rock designer labels.  Depending on the look you are going for, this can be very casual, but also very high fashion.

2. Checkers -Either as a button-down or as a jacket, checkers are coming back as the natural progression from plaid’s revival.  Plus, it’s a little more formal than plaid and a little more grown-up.

3. Warm earth tones -If you are taking your engagement photos outside, why not play off the natural beauty with some warm earth tones like camel, gold, sand, terra cotta, and umber.

4. Wide leg pants with cuffs -If you want to look classy, but not stuck up, go for a wide leg pant with cuffs.  This way, the socks and shoes are more of a highlight.  You can also skip the wide leg and cuff a more straight pant.

5. Tapered sweatpants -Maybe too casual for most wedding-related events, the tapered sweatpant is the new loungewear.  Great for sitting around and wedding planning or for the honeymoon, keep him comfortable, but not slouchy.

6. Low v-neck t-shirts -These have been making a comeback for some time now, but now as the weather gets nicer, grab a couple of bright solid colors to add to any wardrobe.  The v-neck doesn’t have to be too low, but it gives the shirt an extra edge.

7. Loose-fitting striped or light colored button-downs -This is a summery, high-class casual look.  Leave it untucked or loosely tucked with some tan slacks.

If your fiancé isn’t super fashion-daring, maybe ease him into a look.  You’ll be surprised how quickly guys latch on to being stylish.  Soon, your engagement photos will turn into a Vogue photoshoot!