8 Wedding Day Jewelry Trends

This year is a year of daring jewelry choices.  Although some are just daring enough for a chic and fashion-conscious bridal look.  We’ve  compiled a list of our 8 fave jewelry trends of the year to get you started:

1. Statement necklace -Depending on the necklace, this can be too much or just enough for a wedding day look.  If you have a lower neckline or more simple dress, you can play up the sparkle with a statement piece.  Or, if you have an open back, try a romantic drop back necklace.

2. Dangly earrings -If you are wearing your hair up and want a way to frame your face, try earrings that dangle a little more.  It will heighten style and is a good way to spread out the accessories, as it is further from your ring.

3. Rocks and minerals -A newer trend in jewelry is the incorporation of raw rocks and minerals in the pieces.  Commonly, you’ll find minerals as pendants or smaller rocks set into bands.

4. Arm cuff -If you are really daring or going for a whimsical look, try an arm band.  We love gold, leafy ones personally, but they come in all sorts of styles.  Match it to your headband or halo.

5. Fine choker -Chokers are making a comeback, but this time as a single ribbon or strand.  Unlike statement necklaces, the finer, the better here.

6. Bug motifs -Moving on from natural motifs like flowers and leaves, many jewelry designers are creating pieces based on butterflies, bees, beetles, and other insects.  Earrings, a pendant, or even a hair clip can be a good way to show off your quirky but delicate side.

7. Asymmetrical earrings -Especially if you have an asymmetrical hair style, balance out the look with one longer or more attention-grabbing earring with a stud in the other ear.  The earrings don’t have to be totally mismatched, but we love the new really long chain earrings.

8. Ring stacks -We were on the fence about including this accessory because the focus ring on your wedding day should be the wedding ring, duh!  But that doesn’t mean that you don’t have other rings that mean things to you.  Don’t be afraid to wear your grandmother’s ring or a ring that you wear usually.  Multiple rings, even on the same hand, are totally vogue!

Accessories are what take a good wedding day look and make it a great wedding day look.  And within the realm of accessories, jewelry is one of the best ways to subtly express yourself.  We recommend taking a look on Etsy to find one of a kind pieces.  You deserve a look as special as you!