10 Must-Have Accessories

Hey, ladies!  In this week’s installment, we are talking about the must-have accessories that make or break a bridal ensemble.  Every savvy bride knows that it’s the little details that set weddings apart, so here’s a quick lesson on what you might want to invest in!

10 Wedding Accessories for the Wedding Day:

1. Shawl -you’ll be busy all day, so you’ll need to dress for all weather, especially in a climate that gets cold at night.  A shawl that matches the style of the dress, or matches the color of the wedding palette, can be easily stored away and whipped out at the necessary time.  You’ll be glad that you planned ahead, and it’ll give a good transition to the night and the photos.

2. Flats -if you’re the type to get down on the dance floor (we are), you know how important comfortable shoes are.  You may want to invest in a pair of cute flats -something that you can stick in your purse and slip on during the reception.  You can find some great options here.  Some couples even opt for matching Converse.  Just be aware that your dress may skim the ground without your heels on.

3. A clutch -but, how are you supposed to carry any of these things?  Well, if you’re the bride, you have a number of bridesmaids you can hand things off to, but otherwise, you’ll want a little clutch.

4. Bling! -Duh!  Besides the dazzler on your finger, you’ll want a little bling in your hair, ears, neck, or wrists.  If you don’t know where to start, start small with just earrings and then grow from there to make sure you’re spreading out the sparkle and not over-doing your intended look.  You may want to look into hair combs or halos if you want something to glitter when your back is turned too.  Just make sure that anything you wear won’t catch on your gown or veil.

5. Wedding dress undergarments -appropriate bra, underwear, shapewear, or slip -depending on how thin the material of your dress is, you may be a little more exposed than you intended without the appropriate undergarments.  You’ll want to test them with your dress ahead of time and in the sunshine, in the shade, in all sorts of lighting (like with a camera flash).  If you are of a darker complexion and have trouble finding a nude tone that matches, try here.

6. Garter -this is the most popular “something blue” since it doesn’t have to match the wedding color palette.  Even if you’re not into doing the little ceremony during your reception, it does make a good keepsake and can be a little connection between you and the groom.

7. Bridal bouquet charm -we here at My Wedding Tips are pretty thrifty, so we don’t usually vouch for the tiniest of details.  There’s a balance to be struck between the little things that make a wedding and the little things that will go entirely unnoticed.  Something we do have a soft spot for, however, are the little bouquet charms.  They often come with a lobster claw clasp so they hook easily onto the ribbon of the bouquet.  You may want to check out Etsy to see what customized image you can get.

8. An emergency kit -Pinch Provisions Minimergency Kit!  These little kits have everything.  Thread, stain sticks, tampons, lip balm, you name it!  They have a whole bridal line for your special day!  Of course, you may want to pack some emergency supplies of your own, but this is a great and compact way to start.

9. Umbrella -if you are having an outdoor event, you may want to consider investing in a nice umbrella (or even a set for the whole wedding party for a uniform look).  Often black looks really classy, but we’ve also seen nice weddings with umbrellas matching the color palette, or even clear plastic as to not block the wedding party’s outfits.

10. Watch and rings -lastly, if your husband-to-be is anything like the guys we know, you may also want to guarantee that the wedding bands make it to the event and on time.

If you are still wracking your brain, worried about forgetting something, here is a more complete list for the whole wedding party to get the ball rolling!  Best of luck!