Wedding Planning Abbreviations

Hey, girlies!  A lot of you are facing wedding planning and it’s overwhelming -we know!  And, on top of that, all the pro-wedding-planners in your friend group and the professionals in the wedding business just keep throwing around these crazy terms.  It’s confusing and that’s why we first started on the ~lingo~ lessons.  So, this week, we are talking about abbreviations.  Once you have these down, you’ll feel totally prepared to tackle this wedding planning operation and be an efficient texting and talking machine!

The first category of abbreviations have to do with the wedding itself.  You may be familiar with DIY (do it yourself), but there are also abbreviations that will help you describe your dream wedding.  It’s also a great way to speak in a secret code to your bridesmaids without giving up all your wedding secrets (like we are right now):

DIY -do it yourself

OTT -over the top

DW -destination wedding

RD -rehearsal dinner

The second category of abbreviations have to do with the wedding party.  The titles tend to be so long, and especially when your whole wedding party doesn’t already know each other, it can be confusing.  Just imagine if your BM didn’t know that your BFF-MOH couldn’t pick you for the RD and you’re left stuck at the apartment!

MIL -mother-in-law

FIL -father-in-law

BM -best man

MOH -maid of honor

RB -ring bearer

FG -flower girl

This is just a sampling of some of the lingo you’ll want to be familiar with when navigating the wedding planning process.  You’ll find it super useful when perusing bridal blogs (like ours) and these helpful ones below:

Good luck!  You’re going to be a great B2B (bride to be)!