Types of Veils You Need to Know

Today, we are talking veils.  Veils come in all shapes and sizes, and upon a quick look at the styles available, it’s easy to be overwhelmed.  Never fear -we are going to explain some of the more confusing terms you may see while shopping.

Blusher -The part of the veil that goes over the face. Not all modern veils include this piece.

Two Tier -Quite literally a veil with two tiers, or two layers.  Usually on a shorter length, like elbow, one layer will be shorter than the other and may serve as a blusher before being flipped back to reveal the bride.  There is also a three tiered variation.

Mantilla Style -This is a circular veil which is placed on top of the head such that one edge frames the face.  It is usually held in place by a small hair comb, and is hopelessly romantic.

Pouf -The poofy style that attaches via hairpiece to the back of the head and contains a lot of puffy tulle to give it volume.

Ballet (Walking) Length -This is a medium length, whose name is not self-explanatory like elbow or fingertip.  The ballet length hits at the knee or just below.  It does not touch the ground, making it easier to dance in.

Chapel Length -A little longer, these veils touch the ground and may pool a little, but do not have the drama of a cathedral length.

Cathedral Length -These are the big statement veils.  These are the Kate Middleton, fans out behind you as you walk down the aisle veils.  Sometimes they are a lot to handle, but they look incredible!

Birdcage -These are the shorter veils that have recently made a reappearance.  They are reminiscent of a vintage time, just covering the eyes or the face.  The most common have a more netting-like appearance, affixed to a hairpiece.

Veils can be a nice touch to any traditional or modern wedding.  You may want to try one on with your dress, even if it’s just for the shock factor.  Anyone who watches “Say Yes to the Dress” knows that when the veil comes out, so do the tissues!  Make sure to try a number of different styles that will complement your overall look, your hairstyle, and not overshadow your dress.  Take a look at some popular options here!

Until next time!