5 Ways to Make Your Bridesmaids POP

When you have a whole bunch of very special women in your life, it is super hard to cut down on the number of bridesmaids without making someone feel left out or not making those who make the cut feel truly special.  Here are our top five tips to make your bridesmaids pop.

1. Maid of Honor -Duh!  The greatest differentiating factor between bridesmaids is who is the MOH and what order they stand in.  Don’t be afraid to assert yourself here.  Just because a friend has known you the longest does not mean an automatic bid for the coveted spot.  Choose someone who will really be there for you in the planning process and on the big day.  And to make them really stand out, a lot of brides put the MOH in a different color (like a slightly darker purple than the rest of the party), or in a different style (like strapless when everyone else is in straps).  You can also try giving them a different bouquet, or a different hairstyle.  Especially if your maid of honor is actually a matron of honor, a stylish updo may be more mature.

2. Junior Bridesmaids -If you have a much younger sister or some very important cousins who are just a little too old to be a flower girl, welcome them to your party as junior bridesmaids.  Junior bridesmaids often wear a dress of a different length, or slightly different color.  You’ll want to pick something comfortable and age-appropriate.  Check out some options here.

3. Mix and Match Styles, Colors, Etc. -One of the biggest trends that has taken over the wedding industry in recent seasons is the mix and match bridal party.  Whether you are letting the bridesmaids pick their own styles, own colors (within the palette), or lengths, this is a great way to let them assert their individuality and personality.  When you have such an incredible group of women assembled, why not let them show off what makes them special to you?  Plus, you’ll want your crew to be in something flattering and comfortable too.

Jamie Grant Photography

Check out this post from Azazie on mix and match bridesmaid trends!

4. How You Met -One of the cutest wedding photos that we have stumbled upon features the bridal party holding little signs that say how they know the bride.  Whether it’s “sister”, “childhood best friend”, “cousin”, or “college roommate”, it’s nice to have a little token of the path that led you all to sharing this special day.  Also, it will help your bridal party to get to know each other, especially if they come from all different parts of your life.

5. Maternity -A very common occurrence that is rarely taken advantage of -expecting bridesmaids.  Many brides find themselves in a position with a bridesmaid with a noticeable bump, so why not celebrate and show off?  And, dresses that showcase the bump are often the most comfortable.  Here is a good place to start when looking for maternity styles.

Hopefully, this will give you a few ideas about how to make all the special women in your life stand out.  This is a day of celebration for everyone and we are sure that they will be delighted no matter how you share it with them, so why not make it extra fun?

See you next time!