MVP: Mother of the Bride

Who doesn’t love their mom?  Moms are, indisputably, the best.  So, we’ve put together the five best ways to make sure that your mom gets to be a part of the action on your wedding day.

1. Mother of the Bride Outfit -Get your mom into something amazing for the big day.  This is one of her big chances to wear something really nice, and you can make it a big deal.  Be involved in helping her pick out her outfit -we are sure she’d love to get your input and go shopping with you.  Let her know the color scheme so she can choose something matching and look like an integral part of the wedding party.  Also, just because she’s the mother of the bride does not mean she has to wear something frumpy.

2. Have her help you get dressed!  You’ll for sure have a lot of hands on deck between your makeup artist, hair stylist, bridesmaids, etc. but there’s something special about having your mom zip you up on your wedding day or helping you affix your veil.  Take these intimate, final moments to share your pre-ceremony jitters with the woman who has been your rock through it all.  She’ll probably appreciate the company too.

3. Let her walk you down the aisle.  It’s not just your dad who raised you, so who’s to say that your mom can’t also give you away at the end of the aisle.  It is a super meaningful gesture, so if you’re open to a new tradition, try having her by your side up at the altar too.

4. Take her wedding planning with you!  Not only have most moms been through the wedding planning process before, but their advice is always valuable, and she’ll appreciate you taking her opinion into consideration.  Whether it’s cake, flowers, the venue, etc. it’s always nice to have a second opinion to let you know if it’s too expensive or if she knows a vendor who will do a better job.

5. Tell her first!  This is a tip that goes way before the wedding planning process, but something that we hear time and time again.  When he pops the question, call your mom first!  There’s nobody else in the world who wants to share in your joy more than her.

Now, you have a little arsenal of tips to keep your MVP in the loop in the wedding process.  Moms are great and have always been there, so why wouldn’t you make her an integral part of the best day of your life?  She’ll always say that the best day of her life was the day you were born!

Thanks for reading!  Keep up with all of our tips by checking out our other posts!