Wedding Cake Trends of 2017

Time to talk about something that we all love here at My Wedding Tips: cake!  No matter what time of day, we are always down to talk about, think about, and eat cake.  So here are some trends to look out for when ordering your own wedding cake:

Naked -This is the type of frosting that is super thin and allows you to see the cake itself and the layers.  The name comes from the fact that without a thick layer of frosting, the cake appears almost naked.  The minimalist design has become very popular and goes great with natural and outdoorsy weddings.

Geode -Made to look like the inside of a geode rock, these cakes are carved into then decorated with a bunch of rock candy and sparkle.  These are a crowd-pleaser, as many guests have never seen such a beautiful and glittering cake before this season.

Pink Champagne -Not a cake design, but a trending flavor.  Made with champagne in the batter (and pink food dye), these cakes are super light from the bubbles.  Why not add a little extra celebration to your cake as well?

Painted -While other trends include metallic colors, ombre, or all-white cakes, we are personally fond of the new trend of painted cakes.  Coated in a layer of fondant, these cakes are then painted with elaborate florals or scenes.  The detail that can be achieved with edible paint exceeds what is usually possible with frosting or other cake decorations.  You can choose any decoration you would like (as long as your bakery can execute it).

Multiple Cakes -More cakes?  Sign us up!  A new trend is a series of 3-5 smaller cakes, or even cupcakes.  This way you can explore a number of different styles and flavors, with one saved just for you to eat!  We’re kidding (mostly).  Or if looking for other small treats, macarons have become increasingly popular and decadent.  Whole cakes can be made of these small pastries by stacking them up into a tower or cone.

Hopefully, you’ve worked up an appetite reading about all these different cakes.  We sure have by writing this post.  Just remember that it’s hard to satisfy everyone with the same cake (especially when some people in this world don’t like chocolate -gasp).