10 Most Popular Cake Flavors

Hello, ladies!  This time around we are talking about one of our favorite subjects...cake!  The most important aspect of a wedding cake is not what it looks like, but what it tastes like.  There’s a reason that we love cake tastings and firmly believe that you should do multiple at a number of different bakeries to find the perfect cake.  So, without further ado, here are the top 10 wedding cake flavors to try:

1. Chocolate -This is the best flavor of cake in our opinion, but we also recognize that not everyone likes chocolate.  If you go with a chocolate cake, maybe provide a vanilla option too.

2. Red Velvet -Described as neither chocolate or vanilla in flavor, red velvet cake is both gastronomically and visually pleasing.  With cream cheese frosting, the look of a red velvet cake is so elegant when you cut into it.  Plus, it tastes so good!

3. Vanilla -A classic flavor and crowd pleaser.  You can dress it up with any number of fun frostings or icings.  Check out our article on frosting flavors.

4. Pink Champagne -Made with actual pink champagne, this cake is all the rage now for weddings.  The champagne makes the cake super light and fluffy with just a little undertone of the champagne flavor and a slightly pink look.  The alcohol bakes off, so for a fun, but not too fun, cake, this may be something to try.

5. Lemon -We love lemon cake here at My Wedding Tips.  It’s a light cake, offers a great color, and isn’t overly sweet.  You usually pair it with a light glaze.  If you’re looking for something a little more eccentric, try lemon thyme.

6. White Chocolate Raspberry -This is a wedding classic.  White chocolate cake with layers of raspberry compote in between the layers -yum!

7. Coconut Lime -For a tropical wedding, coconut cake with lime filling is becoming very popular.  Coconut cake is decadent and the lime provides a great contrast.  For something special, try blueberry coconut.

Screen Shot 2017-04-08 at 2.38.39 PM.png

8. Carrot -Also a wedding classic, carrot cake is a less sweet option.  Not everyone loves carrot cake, however, so you might want to try doing some cupcakes to offer a variety of options.

9. Rose -Made with a dash of rosewater, this type of cake is super light and fluffy.  The rosewater won’t make your cake taste floral, but instead provides a nice undertone.  It is difficult to describe, so we do recommend that you taste it when you have a chance.

10. Strawberry Shortcake -Lastly, we have strawberry shortcake.  This isn’t really a cake, though there are many stacked cakes that include cream and strawberries (try Cassada cake for something similar).  For a summer wedding, this light and somewhat healthy dessert is the perfect end to a meal.

We love all types of cake and definitely don’t believe in limiting oneself to the widely popular or traditional options.  If we could have it our way, we would have cupcakes on cupcakes on cupcakes just so we could try all of the flavors.  Below you’ll find some other flavors to try if you’re curious.  Who knows -you might find something you really like.

Oddities and Honorable Mentions:



Passion Fruit and Lime

Cherry Blossom

Mexican Hot Chocolate

Creme Brulee


Mint Chocolate

Pineapple Upside Down

Are you hungry now?  We sure are!  Just remember that you don’t even have to have cake at your wedding.  You can have donuts, ice cream, s’mores, fresh fruit, macarons, cookies, candy, anything your heart desires.  Go crazy!  Until next time!