Best Wedding Cake Toppers

Keeping with our recent discussion of cakes (yum), let’s have a little conversation about cake toppers.  Cake toppers have gotten more and more intricate over the years.  Where you used to be able to find one type of bride and groom, and maybe a pair of silver bells in the past, you can find every sort of couple, every sort of floral arrangement, every expression, and even custom-designed toppers.  We are going to break down some of these toppers and where you can find them online:

Custom or Personalized -Many places are offering custom cake toppers nowadays.  Couples will go for their names, monograms, or phrases that mean a lot to them.  Custom cake toppers mostly come in 2D, and are usually limited to letters and shapes.  There are also mix and match, interchangeable wedding toppers.  Try here or here.

The Wedding Outlet

Children and Animals -In a modern family, the bride and groom may not be the only people integral to this big day.  You can now find plenty of children to include in the cake topper, to represent the whole family.  If you don’t have any human kids, but have some furry ones, you can also find a smattering of dogs, cats, and the like.

The Wedding Outlet

Comical -For the couple that has a sense of humor, try a bride dragging a groom to the altar or a bride who wears the pants in the relationship.

The Knot Shop

Expressions and Shapes -Like mentioned in the custom cake toppers, words and shapes are pretty common designs.  You’ll find the classic hearts and doves still, as well as phrases like “happily ever after” and “Mr. and Mrs.”.

David’s Bridal

Floral -Perhaps the most popular modern form of cake topper is flowers.  Made to match the rest of the decor, you can ask your florist and bakery to put together a little cluster for the top, or even a more draping arrangement.

Of course, these are only a couple of options.  You can find plenty more on Etsy, or create something special as a DIY bride.  You also don’t need to go with a cake topper at all if that’s more your style.  Just browse -there’s nothing wrong with window shopping.  Happy perusing!