Stores to Register At

If you read our earlier post about what items to register for, you may be asking, “But where do I register for them?”  Never fear!  We’re telling you all about our 5 favorite places to register!  

1. Bed, Bath, and Beyond -We love this store!  We could spend hours there (and a whole lot of money too).  There’s just something so powerful about having the little scanner gun and combing through the store.  Just make sure you have your shopping list finalized so you only end up with what you actually need.

2. Crate and Barrel -The classic wedding registry store.  We love their products and they are really sturdy.  Something to keep in mind is that although bright colors are fun, your kitchen decor and personal taste may change over the years.  Maybe stick to neutrals for your plates and such.

3. Williams Sonoma (West Elm, Pottery Barn) -These three stores are all under the same umbrella, and they’ve made it super easy to shop online at all three.  Again, remember to go for staples that will match any decor and not just pieces that match your home now.

4. Ikea -Time to upgrade from your apartment furniture to real adult pieces.  While Ikea offers a whole range of products (from college dorm to real adult), make sure you focus on quality when registering! You really want these pieces to last!

5. Amazon -The king of online shopping.  When shopping on Amazon, make sure that the things you ask for are easy to ship, and that you provide the exact link that you want (color, brand, size, etc.).  This is a really nice option because they make it so easy to send things directly to your house (and their return policy is generally very generous).

There a tons of other vendors that have the options of registering for your wedding.  We tend to find that the bigger chains (especially those with good online sites) are the easiest for guests to navigate, regardless of where they live.  Furthermore, you can guarantee the quality of the items if you’re sticking to big brands.  Have fun!