Wedding Registry Must-Haves

One of the most exciting parts of planning a wedding is figuring out the registry!  It’s a fun combination of shopping for yourself, but also with the added twist of waiting to see what you get!  It’s always fun and exciting!  You can find many lists on the internet about what items to add, but every couple is different and has different needs.  Here is a list of things that we recommend and think are a good addition for almost any registry.

1. Wine

I think this explains itself.  Who doesn’t want to stock their new home with a full wine rack?  A couple of really nice bottles can go a long way in celebrating anniversaries and big marriage milestones.

2. Vitamix

I’ma HUGE fan of the Vitamix.  It’s super versatile and you two will get a lot of use out of it (smoothies, anyone?).

3. Backrests

Matching his and hers backrests that you can use in bed.  They are super comfortable and will facilitate lots of nighttime reading together.

4. Crockpot

Now that you’ll be splitting the cooking responsibilities more, you’ll want an easy way to make dinner even if you have to work late.  A crockpot is the answer to that and a good crockpot will last you a long time.

5. Clothes steamer

Something that a lot of houses don’t have, but something that I find super useful (maybe because I’m obsessed with clothes).

6. Measuring cups

Go for the metal ones.  They’ll last longer and they look so nice.  Plus, you’ll need them for all of the fun new recipes you’ll be trying as a couple!

7. Coffee maker

If you don’t already have one of these, I don’t know how you survive.  And if you do have one of these, maybe opt for a model that can make more servings.

8. Stand mixer

My parents got one of these for their wedding and it’s still working 25 years later.  The KitchenAid stand mixer is so sturdy and is a kitchen must-have.

9. Digital camera

For the honeymoon!  You’ll be able to take lots of pictures together to put up around the house.  Also, if you go for a nicer model, it’ll come in handy for years when photographing the kids!

10. Charity/monetary gifts

If you have a favorite charity to donate to, or a specific cause in mind, this is a great way to spread the love of your wedding to others.  And if you would like some help with the honeymoon or purchasing your first home together, asking for small monetary gifts is perfectly fine.

11. Picture frames

You’re going to need a way to hang up the wedding photos and all the photos you take with your new camera!

12. Weber grill

If your hubby-to-be is a grillmaster, treat him to one of these beauties.  Plus it will encourage him to cook more, and is super useful when entertaining in your new home!

13. Air mattress

Also, until you upgrade to a larger home, you may want to add an air mattress to your registry.  You now have double the relatives that may come and visit, so make sure you have a nice, comfy place for them to sleep.

Of course, you may already have some of these items, or want to swap them out for something similar that you would use more.  Just make sure that you select items of a variety of price points and from a variety of stores.  Happy shopping!