Wedding Planning Must-Haves

Hello, again!  If you are just starting out on your wedding planning adventure, we hope that we have been able to provide you with quality tips to make the process easier!  Something you’ll also need (besides our expertise) is a way to keep all of this information organized.  Here are some things that will help you a TON during this wedding planning process!

1. Binder

Just like in school (and we cannot stress this enough), you are studying the wedding planning process.  You are taking notes on things you like, things that inspire you, things you learn, etc.   Make color coded tabs as well to make it easy for others to understand all of your plans (your fiancé, or wedding planner, will appreciate it).

2. Swatches

In your binder, include all of the swatches that you are using in your color palette.  This way you won’t forget them if you need to show them to the bakery or the florist (just take the whole binder).  Many swatches come with a cardboard bit that you can hole punch for an easy fit.

3. Phone Numbers

Keep a small section of your binder as an address book of all your vendors.  You’ll want to be able to distribute this list to anyone helping plan your wedding, and have it handy on the day-of.  There’s nothing worse than scrambling to contact the caterer at the last second.

4. Snacks

We see this as two-fold: snacks that are good for you and snacks that make you happy.  There’s a good balance to strike between treating your body right before your wedding, but also having enough chocolate to keep you sane!

5. Measurements

You’ll want to keep your measurements and the measurements of your bridal party on hand.  In the event that you need to reiterate the numbers to a tailor, you don’t want to have to play phone tag with everyone in the bridal party.

6. Calendar

This is the front page of any organized binder, with your wedding date circled, starred, and highlighted!  Add all of your appointments, goals for where you want to be in the planning process by when, and a countdown to keep you on track.

7. Flexible Attitude

Last, but not least, you’ll want a flexible attitude!  Remember that you can plan every last detail, but the day-of, you won’t have complete control over what happens.  Be ready to think on the fly and go with the flow.  We are sure that your day will be spectacular either way!

Hope this helps!  Good luck!