Jobs for the Groom

If you’re like us, you are very into making sure that everything turns out right for the wedding.  This can make it difficult to let others help, but we love it when we see grooms helping out during the wedding planning process!  Here are a few recommendations for some tasks that he can get started on right away!

1. Groomsmen -Of course, he will be selecting his groomsmen (and how many he wants), but also let him be in charge of the pre-wedding festivities (what drinks he wants in his dressing room), and what they wear (do they want to wear fun socks and cufflinks?).

2. Invites and RSVPs -You’ll most likely be deciding the guest list together, but he can be in charge of sending out the save-the-dates and invitations, as well as updating the guest list as people RSVP.  We recommend using wedding websites to keep track of RSVPs (super easy and convenient).

3. Playlist -You’ll want to choose your first dance song together, but he probably has pretty good taste in music and at least knows what he and his friends would want to dance to.  It is really fun to have a mix of music that both sets of friends and family will enjoy.

We find that many grooms actually love being apart of the planning process! So feel free to ask your soon-to-be hubby for a helping hand.  Maybe he has a great eye for color palettes, or want to build the altar himself, or is really into fine cuisine and wants to handle the menu.  This is an exercise in teamwork and you’ll appreciate the help!