Myths About Selecting Bridesmaids

When thinking about all of the amazing women in your life, it is so hard to select just a handful to be your bridesmaids.  And, there are so many myths that surround the picking of bridesmaids that we want to sort out.  Once you have these myths debunked, it’ll be much easier to choose the wedding party you need.

1. You need an even number of bridesmaids and groomsmen.

This is completely false.  It is totally fine to have an uneven wedding party -it just means that some people are going to have to walk down the aisle alone or in a group of three.  If you have just one extra bridesmaid, let the maid of honor walk alone (it’ll also have her stand out as your leading lady!).

2. If you were her bridesmaid, she has to be yours.

Also false!  Just because you were in her wedding party does not mean that she has to be in yours.  Maybe you’re having a smaller group, or only relatives, or maybe you’ve grown apart since the wedding.  There is no need to add a bridesmaid that you don’t really want or need -it’ll just add stress.

3. You have to have a party proportional to your number of guests.

Totally untrue.  Even though it may feel weird to have a huge bridal party and not that many guests, don’t let that stop you.  Or on the other hand, if you only want one bridesmaid and there are 300 guests, don’t feel pressure to add more bridesmaids.  Of course, it’s nice to have help, but both small and large parties have their pros and cons.

4. Bridesmaids should be about the age of the bride.

This is increasingly false.  There are now junior bridesmaids (which are usually between the ages of a flower girl and a bridesmaid).  You can either have them wear the same dress or a slightly more age-appropriate dress.  Also, if you have older women that you want as bridesmaids, that is totally normal.

5. Bridesmaids have to be women.

This is increasingly incorrect as well.  If you are close with your brother or another man in your life, why not have them stand on your side of the altar?  

There are even more myths than these surrounding how you should go about asking your friends and family to be in the wedding party.  As long as you are sincere and want them to be a part, then they are the perfect addition.  Make sure you ask them to participate with enough warning as well, so they can plan accordingly!