Myths About Wedding Timelines

When you get to the point of your relationship that you start thinking about getting married, you may encounter some of following questions:

  • Are we moving too quickly?

  • How long should we be engaged?

  • How long do I need to plan a wedding?

  • Do I even want to get married?

We may not have all of the answers, but we’ll try to work through some of the timeline questions that surround weddings.

1. How soon is too soon?  

The average time that couples date before getting engaged is about 3 years.  Though, marriage specialists have said that most happy couples got engaged after 2 years.  With that said, many happy couples may date indefinitely and never get engaged.    In our opinion, there is no such thing as too soon, as long as you are sure about your partner, on the same page, and know how to work out conflict with each other.

2. How long should we be engaged?

The average length of engagement is about a year.  Though this is average, there are many reasons to get married sooner or later.  If you are waiting for your wedding plans to be perfect or to save enough money, maybe wait two years.  If you are concerned that certain people will not be able to attend your wedding if you wait, go ahead and do it early.  Some couples are engaged and never get married, as their engagement is proof enough of their commitment.  The important thing to remember is that it takes time to plan a wedding.

3. When should I send my Save the Dates?

Ideally, as soon as you have booked the venue.  If you want key people to be at your wedding, send them a Save the Date as soon as you have selected a date and booked the venue.  It’s courteous to give as much warning as possible.

Hopefully, you now have a clearer idea of how your wedding timeline may shape up.  The biggest takeaway is that your timeline should be right for you.  Don’t get too caught up in what other couples are doing or what the norm is.  Do what feels right!