10 Best DIY Backdrops

If you’re like us, you are a sucker for a simple and beautiful DIY.  And if you’re like us, you’re all about the visuals.  That’s why today we are talking about backdrops for your wedding day makeshift photo booth.  You want your guests to take pictures of themselves enjoying the day, as your photographer can’t capture everything.  Give them a designated place and background to get their creative juices flowing and tell them to work the camera!

Design Love Fest

1. What better way to best celebrate your love than a giant red heart?  Start with a wooden frame made by 2x4s and then make a chicken wire screen.  Using tissue paper or napkins (napkins work better because they are thicker) pull the center of the paper through the chicken wire, filling in a pattern to make a heart shape.  Here is the full tutorial.

Lovely Indeed

2. Using a similar technique, create an ombre background with napkins of different colors!  Full video instructions here!

Jeff Loves Jessica for Confetti Pop

3. Or try your hand at this chevron backdrop!  We love this for weddings because it is so easy to include all of the colors of your wedding palette.  Check out the instructions for this look originally produced for Martha Stewart Weddings!

Design Love Fest

4. The easiest backdrop yet -hanging ferns!  Make a couple of clotheslines of twine along the wall.  Clip the ferns down to the size you need and use clothespins to clip them to the twine.  Ta-da!  Check out the whole aesthetic here.

Green Wedding Shoes by Smitten on Paper

5. Our first floral backdrop and so easy to do!  By cutting spirals into butcher paper, you can make big, bold flowers.  Then, just add little leaf cutouts and affix to the wall.  Beautiful!  Check out the how-to here.


6. If you’re planning a night under the stars, why not add some stars of your own (besides the ones in your eyes, of course)?  Made by punching through color paper and carefully threading the star shapes onto string, you can make these fit any color scheme you want!  A simple way to make your photos pop!  Check out the full instructions.

A Ruffled Life

7. We are a big fan of geometric patterns here.  They are bold, edgy, and look great when photographed!  What else could you want?  So, in this design, you just cut out triangles of varying sizes and colors and adhere them to the wall.  Even the most newbie of DIYers can do it!  Check out the how-to here.

Oh Lovely Day

8. Something we also value at My Wedding Tips is...fun!  We want your wedding guests to be able to have fun while taking their photos, so you’ll want your background to be sturdy and interactive.  By hot gluing ribbons and lace to a cord and letting them hang, you can let your guests play in the streamers, and not have to worry if it gets ruined -it’s just some ribbon and it doesn’t take a ton of effort to put this backdrop together.  Take a peek at the tutorial.

Style Me Pretty

9. For the more advanced DIYers, we have a wax paper backdrop.  This backdrop features tons of little paper cones, hanging from little strings.  Beautiful overall effect and well-worth the effort and time, in our opinions.  See the whole tutorial here.

Photo by Elizabeth Messina/Wall by Blue Eyed Yonder/Flowers by Amy Osaba

10. Finally, the most complex DIY background that we’ve come across.  We love it, but have no idea how Blue Eyed Yonder accomplished this edgy and aged look.  Hats off to the brides that can replicate this look.

So, get those craft scissors out, ladies!  You all have some work to do!  Each of these looks are so different but all will give spectacular wedding day photos for your guests!  Make sure that if you are having guests take their own photos in this makeshift photo booth that they use your wedding hashtag so you can find the pics later on Instagram!