2017 Hair Trends

Ombré has been a HUGE trend and we’re loving the new ombré balayage style - SO CUTE! Even though ombré hair isn’t going anywhere soon, there are some new cool styles that have been all the rage. Here are the top six hair trends of 2017!

1. Neon Glow in the Dark

There are actually hair dyes that glow in the dark!  Welcome to the future of hair!  Although most people only put these bright colors on the undersides of their hair, more and more people are going full out - and we’re loving it!

2. Color Contouring

Also known as “contourage”, gives extra dimension to the hair and frames the face by bringing light or shadows to the desired places.

3. Grey

Unlike the silver trend of last year, the grey trend is more muted. This hair-do is trendy and edgy!  Ask your hairstylist for a grey balayage for a more natural look, while still being on top of the trends.

4. Rose Gold

Rose gold seems to be the color of the century. We love the golden pink locks that’s fun but still subtle enough for any romantic bridal look.

Kylie Jenner

5. Geode

With purple and dark blue, make your head into a glittering geode.  Nature-inspired hair colors are all the rage, so why not pair that with the increasingly popular geode aesthetic?

Cherin Choi

6. Blorange

A difficult color to explain, blorange is a beautiful pinky orange - as if your hair captured the sunset!

Vicio Blog

7. Honorable Mention: Natural Curls!

We love natural hair and are so happy that it’s finally getting the spotlight in 2017.  Even though this is not a hair color, this is a trend of the year.  There’s been a huge increase in products for natural hair, so if you have the curls, flaunt them proudly!

We love these fun trends that can be easily incorporated to your special day- whether that be your hair or overall wedding theme! The soft colors look super romantic with some soft curls and a veil, then you’ll also have fabulous hair for your honeymoon! Show off your personality with these fun hair colors!