Actually Do-able Pinterest Wedding Hair & Makeup Looks

Okay, confession time...we might be on Pinterest more often than not. But we can’t help it! We love all the hacks and inspo! Here we’ve collected 7 gorgeous hair and makeup looks that we found on Pinterest that are totally easy to recreate!

1. This romantic hairdo just requires some beachy waves (we recommend second day curls for a more relaxed look), and some bobby pins! All you have to do is take about an inch, from both sides and twist it towards the back. Secure the two twists with bobby pins, and taa-daa!

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2. For the vintage bride, or just a woman trying to perfect that fierce cat eye, this easy step-by-step tutorial is a life saver!

Screen Shot 2017-05-03 at 9.45.21 PM.png

Chic Vintage Brides

3. Looking like a bronzed goddess is our goal 5 days out of the week. We love the glowy yet sultry eyes! Achieve this look by swiping a shimmer on your lids, and then defining your crease and lower lashes with a medium brown shadow. Add the shimmer to your inner corners to make your eyes pop!

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4. One of the easiest bridal hair trends we’ve found! Take a small side section of your hair that frames your face, and either twist or braid it towards the back of your head. Secure it underneath your top layers with a bobby pin. This looks is subtle, cute, and romantic! The best part? You can rock this with straight or curly hair!

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5. This bright-eyed look is super versatile and romantic. Sweep a soft pink shimmer across your lids and define the crease with a soft light-medium brown shadow. Rim your lower waterline with a white or skin-tone colored liner. Then put a little bit of soft shimmer in the inner corner (we love using our cheek highlight for this!). Lastly, pop on your favorite pair of lashes! Not a fan of falsies? This look will be super natural and pretty with just a few coats of mascara!

Screen Shot 2017-05-03 at 9.46.07 PM.png

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6. This side braid is perfect for the boho bride! Separating your hair into 3 even sections, bring the left section to the middle section (the left is now the middle). Now repeat with the right section by bringing it to the middle. Repeat these steps until done. Secure the bottom with a thin hair-tie. Pull at the finished braid gently for a fuller and more effortless look.


7. For our glam bride-to-be’s, this look is bold and sexy. Cover your lids with a matte beige eyeshadow. And then define the crease with a matte medium brown shade with warm undertones. Go over the lid with that same beige shadow to hide any fall-out from the darker shade. Next, draw your liner and extend the end to a sharp cat-eye (see #2 to master that cat-eye liner)! Pop on a pair of full and wispy lashes as close to you natural lash line as possible. Define your lower lash line by adding a dark brown shadow, and mascara to your lashes.

Softly contour your face by adding bronzer to the perimeter of the face and under your cheekbones, then swipe a soft pink blush across the apples of your cheeks.To finish, put on your favorite red lipstick! We recommend adding a lip liner to the edges of your lips to keep that bold color in place.  If you’re having trouble with that liquid lipstick, check out this tutorial!

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These looks are perfect for brides, and even everyday looks! Of course, we recommend practicing any bridal look a couple of times before the big day (it’s the perfect excuse for a date night)! What bridal look are you going for on your special day?