How to Re-Wear a Bridesmaid Dress...Yes, It's Possible

Re-wearing your bridesmaid dress may sound strange to some, but we promise it’s cost effective and super cute! Of course, you can sell it on Poshmark, or wear it to your next formal event, but you’ll probably want to get more use out of it than that. Here are 10 ways you can upcycle your bridesmaid dress:

1. Hem it to an everyday wearable length

If you have a floor-length or tea-length dress, bring it up to the knee and you can wear it any day of the week.  Also, with the tips that we have coming up, you’ll want a shorter dress to show off the other little details you’ve paired with your whole new look.

2. Alter it completely

Add straps, make it a skirt, use the fabric to make a whole new article of clothing.  This can be expensive, but the fabric from bridesmaid dresses is often really nice, so you’ll end up with a high quality everyday piece! Plus, chiffon dresses have a lot of material to work with!

3. Add an edgy jacket

If you have a strapless number, you can make it a more accessible look by adding an edgy jacket.  Whether it’s leather or denim, this can take the dress and make it more daytime or more nighttime. We love doing this for our date nights!

4. Dye it a fun color

If you’re fed up with blush colors, see if you can find a local alterations place that can dye your dress a whole new, less bridal-y color.  Take that pink dress and dye it red!

5. Add a belt

Moving into the accessories portion of these recommendations, adding a belt is a great way to add a different feel to the dress.  We’ve seen some cute upcycled bridesmaid dresses with leather belts for a more casual feel.

6. Bling it up!

All eyes on you! Pair your dress with a chunky necklace, bangles, or statement earrings - the options are endless!

7. Do your hair and makeup

Hair and makeup can change up any look. A natural glow and a cute french braid is perfect for a casual #ootd. Or try adding a red lip or some winged eyeliner to slay the town. Don’t be afraid to make your look pop!

8. Boots

Try some thigh high boots or little black ankle booties with your shorter bridesmaid dresses for a trendy autumn or girls night out look.

9. Make a DIY throw pillow

Now, if you really aren’t trying to wear the dress again, take the fabric and make a keepsake pillow.  Like we said above, these dresses often have a lot of material, so you may even be able to get a whole set out of one dress. You can also take any embellishments like flowers or beading and affix it to the front!  Check out this YouTube tutorial!

10. Make a costume for the little princess in your life

If you have a little girl you wants to dress up like a real princess, take in the dress (considerably so) to make the princess gown of her dreams!

There are so many ways to re-wear a bridesmaid dress! From a casual brunch, to a night out in town, we love styling our dresses for every occasion! How will you upcycle your dress?