How to Recycle Your Wedding Day Items

Hello, ladies!  We are excited to bring you some more tips and tricks of the modern wedding.  We love shopping for weddings, but what do you do with all the wedding decor goodies after the event?  Do you just keep all of the things that you bought?  No!  We’ve put together a list of 5 easy suggestions to keep your wedding low-waste and low-clutter!

1. Poshmark -We are a huge fan of Poshmark.  You can find all sorts of formal wear on their site and for cheap.  This is a great option to get bridesmaid dresses quickly and on a budget.  Plus, you can sell your dresses on this site secondhand and gently used as well.  A lot of bridesmaids we know have been able to sell their dresses close to full price on that site.  For wedding decor, try Let Go to sell your leftovers.

2. Rent the Runway -Kind of like Poshmark, this is a great option if you don’t want to accumulate formal wear.  But instead of re-selling dresses, Rent the Runway rents out dresses!  The name kind of gives it away.  You just select the dress and the dates that you’ll need it!

3. Party favors -Instead of spending a ton on centerpieces that can never be used again, make centerpieces out of party favors or little things that your guests can take with them.  Some examples are: succulents, photos of you and your guests together, floral arrangements, pottery, etc.

4. Eco-friendly products -Even though you’d probably just throw most of these things out, opt for eco-friendly, recycle-able, compostable products.  Stuff like paper decorations can be made from recycled paper super easily.

5. Borrow -Something borrowed, something blue.  In accordance with this old-timey saying, why not borrow wedding day necessities from friends?  Jewelry, accessories, even decorations can sometimes be borrowed from a friend, especially during wedding season.

With these tips, we hope that you will be able to save money, time, and resources on your big day.  There really is no use in saving all of these things unless you are going to use them again or want them for sentimental reasons.  And who knows, you may even be able to help out another bride during their time of need by providing some of these items!  Happy recycling!