How to Find the Perfect Venue

Finding a venue that both you and your future hubby loves may be a little stressful. You want the venue to be a reflection of the both of you and it’ll ultimately set the tone for your special day!  Here are four things to consider when choosing your venue:


Perhaps there’s a venue that holds personal value to you.  Maybe it’s the same place that your parents got married, or a vacation spot that you loved as a kid.  There’s a lot to be said about a venue that means a lot to you.


If you are having a destination wedding, check out our article on destination weddings.  Destination weddings are super fun, but also take a lot more planning.  Be prepared!


Sometimes a specific venue is worth the cost, but sometimes you’re just paying for the name brand.  Of course, the Ritz Carlton is a great place to get married and the extra step in service that they provide is impeccable, but are there other hotels that will give you more bang for your buck? Think about your budget and where you’d want to splurge more on!


Finally, one of the most important considerations is size.  You want to make sure that there will be room to seat all of your guests comfortably.  Make sure to have your wedding guest list complete before you go on the search for the perfect venue!

We hope that this will help you get a better idea of what venue works for you!  There is so much more to consider than indoors vs. outdoors.  Also, don’t forget that if you aren’t getting married at the same venue as your reception, you’ll have to book two places back to back (with just enough time to take pictures in between the ceremony and reception).  What’s your dream wedding venue?