Wedding Photos You Won't Want to Miss

On your wedding day, you’ll be so busy bustling around that you may forget some of the photo ops that you really wanted to capture.  Here are some ideas to discuss with your photographer ahead of time to make sure they get the pictures you want!

Getting Ready

Make sure that you hire the photographer for the full day, starting with you and the bridal party getting ready.  Some of our favorite shots during the “getting ready” portion of the day have been: bridesmaids in matching robes, Mom helping zip up the dress, bridesmaids helping put on the shoes and fluff out the dress!


Give the photographer access to the rings while you are getting ready so they can take some close up shots of the rings.  Our favorite arrangements have been: the rings with other accessories, the rings with the invitations in a cute flatlay arrangement, the rings in the best man’s hands.

Groom’s Face During the First Look

Whether you have a first look, or are saving the surprise for the altar, make sure that the photographer captures that first moment when the groom sees you.


Detailed photos of the cake are always super fun and awesome to look back at.  Ask your photographer to take pictures of the cake before you cut into it, in addition to the pictures of you and your hubby cutting the cake!  You may also want photos of the food, so that you can remember what was served that day (yum!).


A fairly new phenomenon is the backlit photograph.  At the very end of the day, when the sun has gone down, take a minute to be alone with your new husband for this picture.  Usually, the couple is kissing or holding hands, and they are backlit with a very bright light such that you can only see their outline and a little of the setting.  It’s beautiful!

The most important takeaway from all of this is to make sure that you communicate with your photographer ahead of time.  You don’t want to worry about capturing all the shots during your wedding or regret not getting a particular shot after the fact. What are some cool wedding shots you’re planning for your special day?