5 Wedding Styles for Natural Hair

As someone with naturally very curly and thick hair, a lot of bridal hairstyles are difficult to execute, don’t look how I want them to, and don’t celebrate all of the aspects of my hair that I love.  I’ve had a hard time finding styles that will work for me, so I’ve compiled a list of my 5 favorite updos for natural hair!

Shine Struck

1. Halo braid -This tutorial teaches you how to do a halo braid for yourself (though you could always use this as inspiration to show your stylist).  It’s the perfect updo to attach a veil or a tiara.  Also very quick and easy on most hair textures.

Tashan Samuels

2. This french braid updo is a little more complicated and doesn’t come with a tutorial, but with a little help from a stylist, you can achieve this look or a similar one.  It’ll hold all day and looks super regal from every angle!

Miss T1806

3. For a romantic look, try this tutorial, skip to 2:50 for our favorite style of the three that Miss T1806 offers in this video.

Joel Kennedy for Once Wed

4. This timeless and gorgeous hairstyle comes with a full tutorial here.  The style is originally by Yolonda Jones and I am in love with this look!

Maria Antoinette TV

5. Finally, my absolute favorites!  Yes, there are multiple looks in this Youtube tutorial and they are all stunning!  They highlight what I love about natural hair and volume, with the third one being my favorite.  They also use Cantu products, which I personally love and use all the time -they leave your hair soft and smells so good.

Understandably, not everyone’s hair is the same texture, even among natural hair.  So, I tried to select styles that can be altered to fit the look and functionality that you will want on your wedding day.  Try them out ahead of time to make sure you like it.  Happy styling!