Evolution of Wedding Styles

Over the past century, wedding dresses have changed a whole lot.  It’s hard to imagine that fashion has come so far, but there’s still things to be learned from studying the bridal styles of the past.  Maybe you’re going for a vintage look, or are looking to transform your grandmother’s dress.  We’ve put together a list of  wedding dress styles since 1900 to help you be inspired!

1900 -This is the dawn of the white wedding dress, as pioneered by Queen Victoria.  These styles feature a tiny waist, long sleeves, and lots of lace details and frills.

1910 -Sleeves grew shorter to the elbow and waistlines grew higher in this decade.  This is the time of empire waist dresses.  Pair this vintage look with a round bouquet.

1920 -To match the flapper movement, wedding dresses in this decade were the first knee-length bridal gowns.  Other prominent features include drop-waists, v-necks, and sheath silhouettes.

1930 -Due to economic hardship, dresses during the 30s were more plain.  They were accentuated with an old Hollywood glamour makeup look.  Think pin curls and red lips!

1940 -The 40s saw a return of the tiny waist.  Because of the war, the dresses were often more plain to conserve materials.  This didn’t stop the statement puffy sleeves!

1950 -Inspired by Grace Kelly’s royal wedding, full ankle-length skirts and lace overlays became all the rage.  Also, this decade marks the invent of the sweetheart neckline.

1960 -To match the emergence of rock & roll, brides opted for heavily bedazzled dresses with metallic details.  The waistline, once again, moved to more of an empire height.

1970 -The 70s were a time of free-flowing fashion, and the bridal look was no different.  Think flowy sleeves, long a-line silhouettes, ruffle details along the bottom.

1980 -Heavily influenced by Princess Diana, the 80s were the decade of big sleeves, high necks, long trains (and we mean really long), and cascading bouquets.  This is also the beginning of off-white and champagne dresses.

1990 -Moving into the exact opposite of the 80s, the 90s featured a more understated chic look.  Very few embellishments and a fitted but plain silhouette became popular.

2000 -The rise of the strapless gown and pickup skirt.  This look was complimented with the rise of the smokey eye.

2010 -The most common silhouette of this decade is the mermaid, with its curve-hugging design.  Brides have also made a return to full veils for a romantic style.

Hopefully you’ve come away with a greater understanding of the history of wedding dresses and have been inspired to incorporate the best aspects into your own style.  What decade was your favorite?

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