Outsource vs. DIY

Related to our splurge vs. save article, today we are talking about when to DIY and when to outsource.  Of course, there is this huge movement to DIY the whole wedding nowadays, but that’s not always necessary and not always the best idea.  We’ve put together a list of when to outsource and when to DIY.  Check it out!

When to outsource:

1. If your time is worth a lot more than what it costs to buy the item.  An easy check (though it doesn’t take into account all of the ways in which your time is valuable) is to calculate how much time the project would take you and multiply it by the minimum hourly wage or by your hourly wage.  This would give you how much this project is worth in time and money.  If you can find someone who can do it for cheaper, because they are probably faster than you, you might want to outsource.

2. When you just don’t have the time, resources, or experience to do it yourself.  Maybe you want to have centerpieces with hand-thrown clay vases, but don’t have a pottery wheel or kiln.  It just isn’t worth it to buy the supplies to do this project and be stuck with a pottery wheel and kiln in your garage for the rest of eternity.  This is an extreme example, but this logic can also be applied to cake decorating supplies, homegrown flowers, and other crafts.

3. If you don’t want to worry about quality come the wedding day.  If you are concerned about all of your placecards looking identical or want that extra professional edge, just go with a professional.  There are some aspects of weddings that are really nice to have with a homemade and personal touch, but there are some that you’ll want to have done professionally.  Especially if these are going to be highly photographed.

4. If you need more than 50.  Crafts are fun, don’t get us wrong, but you can only do the same craft so many times before it makes you want to scream.  If you need more than 50 of any item, you many want to consider outsourcing.  Invitations, seatback decorations, party favors, meticulous decorations -they just might be too much.

5. Things you need other people to help you with.  Even with your fiancé and your maid of honor, it’s sometimes hard to coordinate a time when you can all meet up and work on something together.  If it takes more than two hands, you might want to get someone else to do it.  You don’t want to cause drama in the wedding party if someone doesn’t pull their weight or forgets a detail at the last minute.

When to DIY:

1. When you’re losing that personal touch.  At the end of the day, weddings are about two people coming together with love, not about how much money you spend or how perfect everything is.  If you start to feel detached from your wedding, it’s time to add your personal touch.  Check out this great book that speaks to the importance of doing some things yourself.

2. When it’s a craft that you love to do or that you’re known for.  If you are known for your scrumptious pecan sandies, why would you get someone else to bake them?  You’ll only be disappointed that they don’t taste like how you like them.  Also, if it’s a craft that you love doing, it can be a great way to relax after work but still be productive in your wedding planning, or a fun way to get rid of those pre-wedding jitters.

3. When you want to learn a new skill.  It is quite fun to learn a new skill with your significant other, so why not choose a useful skill that you’ve always wanted to learn?  You might want to find something that you both want to work on like painting, as it’s hard to find two people who are both enthused by the idea of sewing intricate beadwork.

4. If you want to save money.  Even though DIY projects may seem like a waste of time and not worth it, they really do save money.  A little work before the wedding can save you some spending money for after.  The average cost of a wedding is around $30,000, so that’s a lot of honeymooning or even the down payment on a house.

5. If you are doing an entirely DIY wedding.  Some brides want the whole wedding to be DIY, and if that’s you, don’t compromise on that.  If DIY is your aesthetic and you pride yourself on that, then you go, girl!

Maybe this clears things up or maybe it just makes you more confused about what you want to do with your wedding.  Either way, weigh your options and keep in mind that you and your fiancé are the most important parts of the wedding.  Nobody will care if your floral arrangements are lopsided or if the invitations weren’t handwritten as long as you share your love with them!