Best Bachelorette Party Outfits

As a rite of passage, you’ve got to go out one last time with the girls for a fun night.  You’re gonna paint the town red, and it’ll be that much more fun if you have matching outfits!  Plus, you might be able to get some free desserts or something if people know you’re getting married!  Here are our favorite outfit must-haves to make our squad look fierce!

1. Sashes -Nothing screams bachelorette party like matching pink sashes.  Of course, yours will say “bride”, and then you can either have “bridesmaid” on the others or be further differentiated with “maid of honor”, “sister of the bride”, “future in-law”, and “best friend”.

2. Disney Ears -Of course this only really makes sense if you go to a Disney park for your bachelorette party, but that’s also a great idea!  They sell white ears with veils for brides-to-be, but you can also make your own really easily.  Check out this tutorial for inspiration.

3. Tiaras -If you want to feel like a princess, there’s no better way than a tiara!  Get yourself a big crown and get your girls smaller bling.

4. Matching T-Shirts -This is the most common way to signify that you are part of a team, and that team is Team Bride.  You can find a place that will print your shirts like Custom Ink, or have a craft day where you and your bridesmaids decorate the shirts yourselves.  Make sure to add lots of bling!

5. Painted canvas shoes -Painted canvas shoes are all the rage, so why not whip up a pair yourself or buy a pair from Etsy (if you’re not super artistic).  Some Etsy stores even customize the designs!  Wear these beauties out for your bachelorette party, then save them to slip on later on the dance floor at the reception.

No matter what you wear, we know you’ll have a great time out with the girls!  Squad goals!