Splurge vs. Save: Band or DJ?

Hello, beauties!  Today we’re talking about whether to save or splurge on music at your reception.  Usually, couples are deciding between a live band or a DJ, so we’ll be going through the pros and cons of each!  Normally, a live band costs about $2,000 for a 4-hour performance, while a DJ costs about $1,000 for the night.  The $1,000 difference is huge when you think about all of the other things you could spend that on (half of an open bar, 33 more dinner plates, half a photographer’s pay).  Anyways, here are some of our thoughts on this topic:

Save On DJs

Though DJs don’t usually provide the same ambiance as a live band, they can play most of the same music (and more).  Wedding-goers love having a wide variety of songs to listen and dance to -everything from childhood favorites to college throwbacks to classic wedding songs.  DJs can also take requests from your guests, though you may want to talk to them beforehand if there are certain songs you want played (or don’t).  Also, be aware that there are a huge range of price points and levels of experience for DJs, ranging from hobbyist to professional.  Talk to them beforehand to figure out if they are a good fit for your reception vibe.

Splurge On Bands

Bands are an awesome way to set the tone during your reception.  If you want it to be super classy, a jazz ensemble might be the way to go.  If you want people to dance, perhaps try a cover band.  Unlike a DJ, bands keep the feel of the reception consistent throughout the night, and add a little more of a personal feel.  Bands can read the room and adjust sometimes faster than a DJ could.  Furthermore, they are usually a little quieter, so they can provide more background music and facilitate more talking.  Similarly to DJs, bands come in a huge range of musical styles and levels of talent and professionalism.  Make sure to talk to your band members beforehand, as well as ask to hear them (either live at their next gig or on a CD).

Hopefully this provides a little more information to consider when making the decision between the two.  Although bands are more expensive, they may be the feel that you want at your reception.  Regardless of what you decide, we’re sure that your guests will love dancing the night away with their favorite newlyweds!  Good luck deciding and have fun!