Wedding Blogs We Also Admire

We know there are a lot of wedding blogs out there, and we’re so grateful to have you here reading ours.  That doesn’t mean that there aren’t other blogs that we also admire on the internet that we enjoy in addition to our own!  Here are our top 3 faves:

Inspired By This is actually a lifestyle blog with a wedding focus.  They talk about house decor, maternity, work-life balance, travel, fashion, and fitness.  They have a really great selection of inspo, but also consult with experts on how to plan your dream wedding.  Check out this article on celeb weddings, this one on bachelorette parties, or this one on bouquets.

Ruffled is the true wedding blog.  They do anything and everything related to weddings.  Some of their most helpful features are a list of vendors by location, a DIY section, wedding photos inspo sorted by color, and a place to buy and resell used wedding items.  Check out these DIYs for throw pillows, copper cake toppers, and geometric backdrops.

Screen Shot 2017-06-01 at 8.59.56 AM.png

Something Turquoise, like the last blog, is strong in DIYs.  Not only do they have projects, but they also have real DIY weddings for inspiration.  Something Turquoise does a great job of providing brides with tips to get the most out of their DIY and wedding experience.  Lastly, they have a well-cultivated list of the best shops on Etsy.  Check out these articles on save the dates, how to sell used wedding items, and DIY felt ferns.

What are some of your favorite wedding blogs?