The Perfect Necklace Based on Your Neckline

The collective struggle of all brides - finally picking out the perfect dress but still having no idea what to accessorize it with! Luckily, we’re here to give you some fashion suggestions to narrow down your jewelry choices. Scroll down to find out the best necklace you should be wearing on your big day, based on your wedding gown’s neckline.


We’ve attached this wedding dress neckline graphic from Woman Getting Married as a reference to the terms we’ll be using:




Sweetheart, Straight Across, Semi-Sweetheart


We love these necklines because they’re so versatile! You can pair pretty much about any necklace with these low necklines. Dress your look up with a bold statement necklace, or keep it simple with a dainty chained pendant necklace - either would complement your dress beautifully! We would especially recommend a dainty chained pendant necklace for the sweetheart and semi-sweetheart necklines, due to the scalloped neckline, and a statement choker for a dress with a straight across cut.


Queen Anne, Halter, V-Neck


We definitely recommend a dainty pendant necklace for these styles! Since these necklines come into the neck a little more, a statement piece would clash with the dress and look disruptive, whereas a dainty piece would be the perfect addition.


Square, Scoop


Although a statement piece might work on a scoop neckline, we strongly suggest trying a dainty piece if you have a square or scoop dress! The gap of skin between a statement necklace and the neckline of the dress might look extremely awkward on a square or scoop dress, but could be passable on a scoop dress. We definitely recommend trying the necklace on before purchasing if you have your heart set on a statement piece, but we recommend a dainty necklace to tread on the side of caution.




We love off-shoulder dresses because they’re pretty much compatible with any necklace piece! Go for a minimal look with a dainty chain necklace, or opt for a more dressed up vibe with a statement piece.


Asymmetric, High Neck, Halter, Illusion, Jewel, Boat Neck


It definitely depends on the embellishments on the dress, but we typically don’t recommend a necklace if you have a dress with any of these high necklines! Adding a necklace might make the your outfit look too busy or a little awkward. If you absolutely insist on wearing a necklace for your big day, a dainty piece might pass on an asymmetric, high neck, boat neck, and illusion neckline, and a statement piece might pass on a halter and jewel dress only if  the necklace hits right at the neckline.


Remember that while this article is meant to be guide, it is by no means a bible. Whichever jewelry pieces you decide to wear for your big day is ultimately up to you, and not all pieces will adhere to the suggestions we give. We can’t wait to see what accessories you choose!

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